Completed Research Studies

4. Title: Development and Validation of the Thoracic-Lumbar Control Scale to Measure Strength and Coordination of Trunk Muscles

Purpose: The purpose of this study is to develop a clinical scale for measuring the strength of trunk musculature. These are the muscles that help balance and hold your body in good posture.

Principal Investigator: Ralph J. Marino, MD
Co-Investigator(s): Mary Schmidt-Read, MS, PT

Background: There are currently no scales designed to measure the strength of the muscles of the trunk. The most commonly used clinical measures have largely ignored the trunk and focused on the four extremities. However, with advances in restorative regenerative, as well as, activity based therapies, there is a great need for scales that can measure the restoration of function in the trunk muscles. Interventions intended to restore spinal cord function or repair spinal cord injury will most likely be tested in patients with thoracic injuries, and the effects will most likely be only detectable for a few spinal segments.

In this study, a physical therapist will ask you to perform a few muscle tests and other maneuvers like lying down and sitting up on a mat. The therapist will rate your performance according to establised guidelines. You will be rated on these clinical maneuvers as close to discharge from initial rehabilitation as possible. This session will last approximately 30 minutes.

Study Dates: October 1, 2006 - September 30, 2011

Status: Study Completed

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