Discovering Promising Options Through Research

The RSCICDV is committed to continuing its research efforts and contributing to new scientific knowledge on the advances of care and treatment in spinal cord injury. During the last five year grant cycle, the Center's researchers have published more than 175 peer reviewed original articles, books and book chapters.

Current areas of investigation involve multicenter studies examining recovery of upper and lower extremity strength and function, and the development of international standards to measure improvements in walking and upper extremity function. The RSCICDV is overy involved in a number of multicenter drug trials and other therapeutic clinical interventions as well.

As a Model SCI Center, the RSCICDV serves as lead Center or participates with other Model Centers across the country in a number of collaborative research projects. The RSCICDV also participates in the collection and storage of training and educational materials for spinal cord injury. For more information on the research projects currently under way, please contact the SCI Office at (215) 955-6579.

Studies are supported by Federal agencies, NIDILRR, NIH, Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation (CDRF), drug companies and private philanthropy. Contributions to our spinal cord injury research program are welcome.

Regional SCI centers, such as the Jefferson-Magee program, are helping millions of people with spinal cord injuries. Professionals with proven expertise in spinal cord injury care, rehabilitation and research, provide a life-long, cost-effective, coordinated system of care that offers clients with SCI the necessary resources for maximal recovery and return to independent living.

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