2012 - Published Abstracts by the RSCICDV Staff

  1. Jackson A, Chiodo A, Marino R, Graves D. UAB Index of Motor Recovery (UABIMR): a new validated outcome measure to verify significant neurological return after spinal cord injury (SCI). 2012 ISCoS Annual Meeting, http://www2.kenes.com/iscos2012/ScientificInformation/Documents/ISCoS-scientific-programme.pdf (Page 70).
  2. Marino RJ. Neurological recovery after traumatic paraplegia. 2012 ISCoS Annual Meeting, http://www.iscos.org.uk/sitefiles/ISCoS-programme-20.pdf (Page 436).
  3. Marino RJ, Alemzadeh S, Leiby B. Reliability and validity of the Capability of Upper ExtremityTest (CUE-T) in subjects with chronic spinal cord injury. Top Spinal Cord Injury Rehabil 2012;18(Suppl 1):216.
  4. Noonan V, Fehlings M, Vaccaro A, Wing P, Itshayek E, Biering-Sorensen F et al. Development of an international spinal cord injury (SCI) spinal column injury basic data set. Top Spinal Cord Injury Rehabil 2012;18(Suppl 1):198.
  5. Oleson CV, Ditunno JF. The influence of age on recovery of walking ability in persons with motor complete, sensory incomplete spinal cord injury (ASIA impairment score B). J Spinal Cord Med 2012;35(5):453.
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