Giving to the Spinal Cord Injury Center

Dear Supporter,

Your support is critically important in helping the development of the Spinal Cord Injury Center at Jefferson and Magee.

Unrestricted support allows us to use funds to meet the most urgent needs of the Center, whether it is to improve facilities and equipment, fund pilot studies to attract additional research support, or participate in collaborative projects with other research centers.

We welcome your support. Your gift will help us further research toward improving the care and treatment of those who already have a spinal cord injury, and in working towards "the cure" for spinal cord injury.

There are several different ways to give to or provide support for the center.

One way is through the United Way of Greater Philadelphia and Southern New Jersey.

Our United Way Donor Choice number is 12791-Regional Spinal Cord Injury Center of the Delaware Valley.

Gifts to the center may also be directed to us through the fundraising departments at Jefferson (Jefferson Foundation) or through the Magee Rehabilitation Foundation. Please make sure that you designate your gifts clearly, we would appreciate being directly advised of any gifts that you might make through these channels.

To learn more about giving opportunities, or to make a donation to the Center or one of our physicians, please contact Dr. Ralph Marino, at (215) 955-6579 or via e-mail at

Thank you.

Ralph J. Marino, MD
Project Director

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