Lifetime Follow-Up System of Care

The RSCICDV recognizes that people with spinal cord injury need lifetime follow-up care. The Follow-Up System at Magee Rehabilitation Hospital offers medical, nursing, functional, psychological, nutritional, social, and vocational support and services after discharge for all persons with spinal cord injury. Over the years, the Follow-Up System has provided service to thousands of patients with SCI. The staff evaluates patients one month after discharge and then annually to help monitor needs. If necessary, patients may be seen more frequently. The Follow-Up System also offers telephone assistance for patients who develop medical complications while living in the community and for consultation to primary care physicians and home health agencies.

The Confidence and Skintegrity programs are a few of the specialty follow-up programs offered at the RSCICDV. The Confidence program includes a full medical evaluation with specific tests, to design a tailored care plan, focusing on prevention of urinary and bowel complications. The Skintegrity program treats and prevents pressure ulcers by stressing functional skills, appropriate equipment, proper skin and wound care, and educational strategies within a conservative or surgical management program. It includes multidisciplinary services both inpatient and outpatient, as well as pre- and postsurgical care. Specialty physicians service this program, including Plastic Surgeons, Urologists and Physiatrists.

Support Groups

Magee Rehabilitation also has a full calendar of support group activities for inpatients, outpatients, family and community members. Specific support groups available include Family/Care Givers Support Group, Women's Group, Spinal Cord Injury Peer and Family Consultant Program, and Spinal Cord Injury Community Resource Group.

Also available through Magee Rehabilitation Hospital is the Legal Clinic for the Disabled (LCD), a non-profit charitable organization housed within and funded by Magee and the Young Lawyers Divisions of both the Philadelphia and Pennsylvania bar associations. It's mission is to provide civil law legal services to financially eligible disabled clients at no charge. Clients are referred to lawyers who have volunteered their services to LCD. Cases include wrongful evictions, consumer fraud, employment discrimination and compliance failures related to the Americans with Disability Act of 1990. Other services include estate planning and benefit consulting.

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